Pioneering internet-based service for price monitoring, alerts and control. Enables you to know how your distributors, allies and competitors are behaving so that you can take strategic action. Discover the new integrated internet-based price monitoring system!
The power of knowledge
  • Price change alert: Pricewatch provides immediate email notification of changes to prices in online retailers.
  • Disappearance alerts: know when a shop discontinues a product.
  • Operate globally: access information in any global market.
  • Regular reports: know how prices are behaving relative to each seller and product.
  • Historical records: analyse behaviour using aggregated reports or original data.
  • Accessible data: analyse information using reports or integrate csv data into your analysis tool.

When it comes to brands and manufacturers, how do the businesses selling your products online behave?


Pricewatch enables you to verify whether the recommended sales price of your products online is being respected, as well as monitoring equivalent or substitute products from your competitors. The tool also controls the stock rotation period and discontinuances of your products in suppliers.

Absolute market control for wholesalers and distributors

Pricewatch allows you to find the margin applied by your customers to their internet operations and to monitor competitors’ products as well as their sale prices in shops which do not work with your company. The tool has a warning system which alerts you to price changes in e-commerce operations run by your customers and competitors.

Sellers: understand how your competitors are behaving


Monitor the price patterns of your competitors so that you can respond early to offers and promotions. Pricewatch lets you find opportunities in other
companies’ stock shortages. Discover your negotiated price position with your suppliers and your capacity to compete with competitors’ prices. The tool also lets you discover how your competitors react to their own promotions and operations.

Analysts: define your pricing strategy


Pricewatch enables analysts to provide consultancy services on market, product and price positioning based on up-to-date information about internet products and service. The tool from Spyro is the perfect ally when it comes to obtaining privileged information about how competitive a market segment is for a new product and hence devising the right pricing strategies to use.

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