Oracle Data visualization


Oracle Data Visualization

Business Intelligence solution that facilitates agile, flexible and real-time interaction with ERP data for managers from any department. The new data analysis tool is positioned as the best alternative to Olikview and Tableau.

Easier and more visual

Oracle Data Visualization graphically displays large amounts of information. The data display enables us to detect patterns, trends and correlations which would otherwise go unnoticed in traditional reports, tables and spreadsheets.

Efficient and dynamic management

Displaying information graphically means it is easier to extract knowledge. Key corporate data can be managed in a more dynamic and intuitive way.

All information integrated

By simply dragging and dropping elements on the screen, Oracle Data Visualization automatically displays information in the best way possible. All data and representations are connected by default, meaning hidden correlations and patterns are automatically highlighted. The tool is compatible with any file type. These can be uploaded (whether text files or spreadsheets) and easily incorporated with those previously uploaded or with corporate data.

Maximum security

Oracle Data Visualization’s user identification, access control and information segmentation systems guarantee security and confidentiality.

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