Oracle BI Publisher


Oracle BI Publisher

Business Intelligence solution which transforms data and reports from your ERP into visual and intuitive information to facilitate decision-making and business strategy development.

Intuitive and accessible

Oracle BI Publisher allows the user to access detailed information from any mobile device. Content are displayed graphically and colour coded.

Maximum security

The software requires user identification and access control in order to segment the information in a tailored way.


Oracle BI Publisher connects with the SPYRO ERP database to extract and process information. It also enables information from SPYRO ERP to be combined and integrated with information from other sources and applications.


With Oracle BI Publisher, you can create and personalise interactive scorecards for quick and simple access to all information.

Automated sending

Oracle BI Publisher sends operational reports at an established frequency and carries out complex studies of sales progress according to companies, customers, zones, reps, products or families. The tool also defines key performance parameters and indicators for the company.

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