Industrial ERP

Industrial ERP

Specialist integrated management software for industrial business processes. Find out what Spyro can do for your business!

Made-to-measure management

Our software is a multifunctional and flexible tool. It is a robust solution which is tailored to each sector and adapted to each customer’s needs and business processes, enabling you to increase the competitiveness of your company.
With Spyro, you will achieve more efficient production by properly planning all resources and maintaining maximum control over business processes.

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Connected factory

Vixion: get maximum performance out of your machinery

Vixion is a novel cloud-based monitoring system that automatically records and analyses the data captured by the machine PLCs which control manufacturing equipment. You can use this innovativesoftware to extract the most pertinent performance data and indicators in order to optimise machine use.

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Production processes

Solidworks, agile innovation

SOLIDWORKS is a suite of solutions covering all aspects of the product development process, from design, validation and sustainable design through to communication and data management.

Discover how integrating SOLIDWORKS with Spyro ERP can maximise the
value of your designs!

Production processes

PulpCom technology

Pulpcom is a CNC/DNC communications server that simultaneously transmits and receives information and directly transfers data to different departments. The solution brings savings on material and human resources and is designed for any company which uses CNC in its production processes, e.g. milling machines, lathes and drills.

Why choose Spyro?

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Oracle: Robustness and reliability

All Spyro’s software has been developed using Oracle, one of the most popular database management systems on the market owing to its robustness, flexibility, reliability and the large number of applications it supports.

Continuous updates

Contrary to most businesses in the market, Spyro guarantees continual bespoke updates of all its developments in a simple, quick and complete manner.

Project manager on hand

We assign a senior project manager to each business, from the start of the process through to completion. Together with the customer, they will define the exact scope of the project and personally implement the modules which affect the company’s most critical processes.

Continuous training

We support continuous training for our users so that they get the best performance out of our solutions and improve their work processes. That is why we organise annual training sessions on the various Spyro ERP modules.

Customer Committee

In 2003, Spyro launched a pioneering initiative to give its customers a voice. Since then, dozens of companies have joined the Customer Committee, which allows users themselves to evaluate the ERP and propose improvements.

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Spyro has offices in technology parks in San Sebastián and Zamudio (Basque Country) and is present in China, the USA, Brazil, Canada, India, France, Mexico, Portugal and the UK, among others. In these countries, local businesses and Spanish subsidiaries use our solutions in their day-to-day business management.