Spyro Touch

Instant access to all of your business’s information via an app on your mobile device, wherever you are.

The company at your fingertips

SPYRO TOUCH is a suite of applications which integrates all ERP information and functionalities on one mobile device so that sales reps and technical staff can access business data, wherever they are. Your business management becomes quicker, more efficient and more convenient.
  • Multi-device.
  • Can be integrated with different ERP systems.
  • Online version: iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Offline version: Android and iOS (customer management, trade name management, product catalogue, orders, records management).
  • Optimised usability.
  • App updates via the store (Google Store, Apple Store).
  • Available in several languages.
  • Integrated calendar for Windows, Android and iOS.

Touch for customer relationship management

  • Customer management: pending payments, orders, records with customer signature, specific prices and discounts per customer and product, etc.
  • Trade name management: records, monitoring, offers, contacts (add photo), classifications.
  • Order enquiries and entries with indication of availability.
  • Monthly consumption statistics and annual trends.
  • Product catalogue based on classification and availability in different warehouses.
  • Preparation and implementation of surveys.
  • Geolocation of reps and customers.
  • Display of work agenda, calendars, appointments.

Technical support Touch for technical support services

  • Customer management: consumption enquiries, orders, records with customer signature, specific prices and discounts per customer and product, etc.
  • Managing allowances, expense records and mileage.
  • List of jobs per technician.
  • Input of records and job reports.
  • List of jobs assigned to a technician.
  • Recording the time allocated to each facility and/or customer.
  • Input of spare parts used.
  • Geolocation of technicians and customers.

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