Solution for digitalisation and automated recording of expense receipts and invoices, whether on the move or in the office. Designed to comply with Immediate Disclosure of VAT Information and removes the need for a physical record.

Immediate digitalisation and recording

Sabbatic photographs and digitalises documents and automatically records expense receipts without the need to input these manually. Reports of all invoices and expenses can therefore be sent digitally to the Hacienda digital platform without wasting time.


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Take a photo and you’re done

Simply take a photo of an invoice or receipt on your mobile device to create an expense record in the cloud.

Control of

Sabbatic enables complete and real-time display of all company expenses and those of its collaborators where necessary. Expenses can be approved or rejected from any location without the need for physical documentation or reports.

Save time and money

Sabbatic facilitates a time saving of up to 70% on allowance and expense accounting. It also helps to reduce costs by eliminating the need for hard copies of reports, mailing costs and filing.

Integrated in Spyro ERP

When Sabbatic is used in conjunction with an ERP such as SPYRO, it integrates digitalised expense data with the company’s information systems, enabling better analysis and decision- making.

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