Spyro Docs

A customisable and easy-to-use business mobile application which allows users to access corporate information. Create your own business app!


Access all information in real-time in a manner customised to the user: commercial catalogues, rates, technical manuals, PRL, contracts, financial reports, balance sheets, profit and loss account, etc.


Contains all information on events and calls for meetings.


Documents are easy to read and have multiple options: content search, markers on favourite pages, document printing, sending documents by email.


Link to websites of interest to the user, the business, external contacts or customers.


Fully customisable notification system: public, private, individual, etc.


Map location of places of interest to the business, categorised according to whether they are offices, factories, local offices, customers, places were jobs were carried out, etc.


Activate the navigation facility on your mobile device to get from where you are to your chosen destination.


Photo gallery, videos, tutorials, commercial messages, technical instructions, PRL communications, corporate videos, etc.


  • A web manager for simple, real-time control by the business.
  • Customisable with colours, logos and other elements which identify
    the company.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • International and multilingual platform.
  • Available for iOS (6 or later) and Android. Downloadable directly from the App Store and Google Play.
  • Encrypted profile-based user management.
  • Control of use via Google Analytics.
  • No need to modify the company’s document management processes or to invest in IT infrastructure.

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