Machine tool connectivity and optimisation

Take your machine performance to new levels

Vixion is a cloud-based monitoring system which automatically records and analyses the data captured by machine PLCs.
Vixion-based applications provide superior levels of performance by connecting machinery, analysing data and facilitating real-time information.


  • Improved productivity
  • Greater guarantee of availability
  • Telephone-based Technical Assistance Service
  • Transparency in machine performance
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Online access from any location and device
  • Critical signals alerts
  • Regular reports

Strategic alliance

Vixion has been developed thanks to an alliance between Spyro and Tecnalia, a leading European technology research centre. The companies have joined together in a software start-up geared towards creating Industrial Internet of Things solutions using Big Data technologies to build advanced services for machine manufacturers and owners.

Vixion comprises three subsystems

Vixion Edge: a new and ultra-compact industrial data capture PC installed in the customer’s machinery.

Vixion Cloud: a cloud-based application, accessible from any location and device.

Vixion Developer: advanced tools for analysing and developing new apps.

Real time:

  • Monitors the operational status of machinery in real time.
  • Updates information in a matter of seconds.
  • Reports on the CNC mode, the program being run, the program block being run, spindle revolutions, etc.


  • Measuring: Controls the machine’s production history, OEE, non-productive periods, tool consumption, etc.
  • Optimisation: Informs the production manager of the status of current and future processes.
  • Usage: Optimises the life span of critical components and their maintenance plans.

Energy efficiency:

  • Analyses energy consumption indicators and power charts.
  • Estimates consumption per part.

Predictive maintenance:

  • Provides data management tools for predictive analysis of industrial assets and processes.
  • Prevents machine inactivity.
  • Anticipates faults.


Based on components which enable the system to be customised and configured to the specific needs of each business.

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